Pot Plants

Pot Plants

Pot plants are essential components of interior styling.

However, too often people invest in gorgeous living specimens – only to be disappointed when they do not thrive in their home. This may be from unsuitable indoor temperatures, inadequate potting or a lapse in ongoing maintenance. In any case, Rogue’s well-made and lifelike artificial pot plants offer a convenient and dependable solution for indoor greenery – that you just can’t kill. They also offer practical advantages – such as eliminating the risk of water damage and mess that can occur on surrounding surfaces to a living pot plant.

Our range is extensive – and covers succulents, cacti, agaves, ferns, herbs, ivies and rubber plants just to list a few. Depending on the size and look of particular plant, we use glass jars, wooden tubs and ceramic pots. Most of the range is potted in Melbourne by our team, however we also source pre-made options designed to keep things affordable for you.

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