Real orchids, whilst stunning, are often short-lived – leaving you with a bare stem emerging quite abruptly from your pot in just a couple of months. Thankfully, we’ve created a market-leading range of potted orchids that are a reliable way to add classic elegance to a room.

The most in-demand type of orchid is the phalaenopsis, also known as a butterfly orchid – identifiable for its usually white, statement petals. We bring Australia timeless faux phalaenopsis orchids that range from dainty potted specimens through to lavish displays. In addition to classic white phalaenopsis orchids, we also offer slipper, oncidium and cymbidium species.

The quality of our orchids also sets us apart. For many arrangements we use highly specialised Photo Technology to replicate nature in the most authentic way possible. This process allows us to apply a photograph of a living orchid to our artificial petals – thus capturing natural nuances. What’s more, many of our orchids showcase real-touch materials for added beauty. As with Rogue’s other flower arrangements, the majority of our orchids are passionately crafted in Melbourne by expert floral stylists.

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