Floral Stems

Floral Stems

There are probably more floral stems in Rogue’s collection than you’d see at a leading florist.

Even with our passion for our product – we of course do not deny the beauty of a living flower stem… That’s why we work with talented producers to as closely as possible replicate the nuances in colour, form and feel that are found in natural blooms.

Many products in our range are produced with Photo Technology – setting them apart from other artificial flowers on the market. This process involves applying the image of a genuine petal to our faux product.

In addition to a myriad of species, there are a few unique styles of Rogue floral stem that cover common terms in floristry. A ‘spray’ represents a stem with a radiating form and scattered blossoms. You’ll find flowers like Ranunculus, Delphinium, Helleborus, Poppy, Wisteria, Gardenia and Camellia in spray form. A ‘pick’ refers to a compact, petite stem and encompasses the blooms of Lilac and Budding Hydrangea. Then of course, we have the classic stems which feature a central, rounded blossom atop a long stem such as a Rose, Dahlia, Chrysanthemum or Tulip.

Rogue’s floral stems give you the power to exercise creativity and create a stunning arrangement. For a bit of inspiration, we recommend reading this article via House Beautiful UK.

To see some Rogue floral stems, contact us for a list of stockists in your area. We recommend contacting a local stockist to enquire about their range.

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