Why Rogue?



Sometimes in life, you just have to fake it. But we’re about to tell you something real… Rogue’s products are so lifelike, they may well change the way you see artificial plants and flowers.

Rogue uses the latest technologies to bring you top quality, botanically-accurate floral stems, leaves, loose plants, trees and arrangements in a market-leading range.

There are numerous reasons why a savvy, style-conscious shopper may choose Rogue. Firstly, artificial alternatives promise ongoing pleasure with no need to water. This makes them easy to style in hard-to-reach places, and also fantastic for commercial environments. Secondly, faux plants won’t drop petals and leaves in hour home. Thirdly, you just can’t kill them.



We offer an abundance of greenery stems, loose plants, potted plants and trees that are as lifelike as they get.


From loose floral stems to complex handcrafted arrangements, our floral collection is second-to-none.

Display Containers

Curate an extensive range of pots, planters, vases, hangers and other decorative vessels for your plant or arrangement.

 Rogue is proudly distributed by Albi.

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